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Hi! I just started and I'm loving it so far but I have a question. Sometimes when I run out of ap or just get to 1 per party member the game doesn't let me do anything nor does it let me end turn and the enemies don't attack either. This pretty much freezes the game and makes me either reset or skip the battle. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

You don't get 9 ap per turn? Against which enemy?

Hey, I was wondering if we could get some more quests involving iski. Maybe an option to add her to your party? I know you guys have your hands full with the combat as it is, and the added dialogue from having a new member of the party would be a lot of work. But... I think that her character would add a lot to the game, and a rogue-ish character doesn't exist in terms of combat. You could do all sorts of awesome stuff like backstab bonuses, stealth modifiers, etc. I would definitely be willing to drop some cash on patreon if I knew this was something to look forward to.

If not, that's fine too. Love seeing you guys improve this game and still having the drive to do so for so long, been a fan for quite a while. I made an account just to post this after all. Keep it up!

Yes I agree she would be a great addition and a lot of people like her, but as you said we don't want to spread ourselves too fin, so definitely not in the near future, but there is a good chance we will do something with her eventually.

Hey there,
I've got a question about the sound. I'm only getting Music, Effects, Interface and Footsteps. Sex sounds aren't implemented yet, as far as I'm concerned? But I'm still missing Voice and Ambience. Is that some kind of bug or are these too not implemented yet?
Great game by the way! The worldbuilding is very creative, especially regarding all the different mixtures of races and the characters are very unique and authentic! Also all the storytelling and dialogues are extremely engaging! The only thing I'm really missing is some sound to make the sex scenes come alive a bit more. Even some cheap Hentai-Style moaning would be a tremendous upgrade haha :)

Hi, we want to add some sex related sounds and other more polished audio eventually, but it's a lower priority than what we are working on at the moment, mainly the combat. Glad you enjoy the game!

was the whispering bandits quest made private again i could have sworn in a previous version i was able to complete it and the other quests after it but in this latest version nathan tells me about the purple coated vendor who gives out the quest but i am unable to see him at all.

This quest always was patreon only. Check the walkthrough if you aren't sure which one is public: Nathan shouldn't speak about him actually, bad Nathan.

thats weird as i have never had the patreon version but i definately remember being sent to that village for the quest and i definately remember doing the quests that come after it such as samaras back story

I have a bug where every action I make expends all action points. Skill cost is 4 points but it expends all 9.  My characters are so weak because of this it's impossible to kill anything. How do I fix this problem?

Which skill in particular?

Really enjoy the game so far but question, is there any chance for a futa main character for customization?

Hey, no we don't plan to have deep customization of the main character, because he is not supposed to be a blank slate, and also because we don't have enough resources to adapt all the scenes and dialogues.

Is there a way to reset the skill tree?

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Yes, you can refund a skill learned with a right click. We might change that later, but it should work for now.

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sooooo..... how long does it usually take for quests to become public? My ass is broke...

Well the game was always meant to be sold on steam or itch when it is finished, so it will never be completely free unfortunately :(

I'd be down to buy it when it's finished, but I was wondering if we'll get public releases since I'm unable to contribute monthly.

I've finished Hiho's quest but I can't find Osh'to anywhere. Is it because I'm playing the Game Jolt version or is it just a bug?

You probably have an old version, download the latest one here:

Thanks :)

I might just be stupid but how do you get into the cliffside storehouse.

never mind I tink Ive found i


great game but its a damn shame how much content is locked in the gallery. overall though i'd highly recommend it the combat is unique the story is intriguing and the art is phenomenal. its also one of the few games i've seen that uses tweening right in the animations it actually comes off smooth rather then lifeless and creepy. well heres hoping we get more furry and scalie gals and smore of best kobold girl isk 

I'm doing the Osh'to quest, but I can't seem to be able to get the Shackles from Kalid, there aren't any dialogue options for it. Is it a bug or am I missing something?

It might be a bug yes, could you join our discord and ask on the bug-tracker channel?

I will help you there.

Thank you!

i just got on your patreon, where do i get the code/ when do i get it?


nvm i'm just stupid

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You figured it out already, but for anyone else it's in the patreon post.

I wonder if this game will ever have an android port...


Yes, one day.


Wow nice, looking forward.

I have tried multiple times to try and download the game but can't. The only file I get is the asset bundles.

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What is the size of the zip after you download it?

NVM I got the file. It was a size issue.


Digging most of it, aside from the whole 'play as a broken rape victim' angle, bit depressing that.


The characters, dialogue and music are great! Although the text is a little hard to read on low resolutions/dark background, you can luckily change the colour of the text in the settings. 

While the combat has no tutorial, it's pretty straight forward-hit enemies until they die. You can even skip the combat if you get stuck, which is nice. 

One thing I find hilarious is how for some characters (For example, Aya) you start doing to deed, presumably with your teammates watching from a few feet away.    

Is there a combat tutorial or explainer somewhere that I missed, or may have skipped?  I feel like I'm attacking bandits with a pool noodle

It's in our plans but not yet, the combat system being a work in progress still, and subject to changes.

Wow, Just Wow..... Just played the Demo, not even to completion but still WOW..... The art is great, the music is soothing, the writing is phenomenal and naughty. The animation for the H-scenes are interesting, instead of going for just a few loops or still images and calling it a day you've added little variations as the scene progresses..... Changes in expression, shifts in pace.... It's subtle things like that that really make the scene stand out to me. I love it....

My one and only issue tho: The grey text is just a smidge bit difficult to read sometimes. I mean that might be resolved already, or it might be more readable if a actually fullscreened the game (which I did not) but it made reading the gorgeous descriptive text just a bit harder.... Honestly with that being my only gripe about the Demo, I'd say that really speaks volumes to how much I enjoyed it. I'm definitely gonna keep an eye on this.

Shame the Demo didn't show any other parts of the game but I'm certain that if you gave it even HALF the attention to detail that this Demo had then I'm certain there is nothing to worry about :)

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Thank you! Yeah it's meant to be played full screen, I assume you mean the web demo? We have a free version you can download here which has a lot more content:

You can change the color and size of the dialogue in the options by the way.

Oh so my only gripe is already fix and likely a non-issue. Perfect! I'll try that link later and will likely support this project in the near future. Excellent Stuff!

How do you skip combat?


There is a skip combat button at the bottom right.


Yes, I just figured out I had to enable it, so sorry for wasting your time!


No problem, have fun.

how do you take your save file from one build to the other build because I am currently on build 18


The saves files are in a special folder that is shared between all versions, so you don't need to do anything.

sweet thanks

question: is this game related to the price of freedom comics?

Yes but in minor ways. The game happens 87 years before the comic, so no one is alive yet besides you know who.

hey i have problem i can't save and some times game can't load fights

Visit our discord, it will be easier to help you there:

"In the light of the woom"  is a typo I found with bedding Katie

Whank you, fixed!

I don't know what "Investigate the green building..." should mean right now. The only option seems to be a very difficult fight with the thieves, right?

Check the walkthrough if you are stuck:

If you mean the first Hiho quest, you need to avoid that fight in the dialogue.

Will there be Russian and other languages? :D

Maybe, but we have a lot of text so it will be a huge challenge to translate.

even if you translate it it will be very cool!  the project will open to a much larger number of people, so I think your work will also pay off over time

We will do our best.

will you release on android?

Eventually yes.

So where are the save files actually located? I looked in the folder that the wiki-like thing mentioned and it's just jpeg files not actual save files.

The jpg are the saves.

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My Game doesnt load. Ive tried to play the game but everytime I open it, it just is stuck on this one screen. SO like it asks me if I want patreon content. i say no and the title shows up and fades away. And then Im just left with the artpiece of a bunch of people in the steam pool or whatever. I can scroll around on the image but nothing happens. Im on MacOs, and Ive seen a somewhat similar error occur in some other games. And to fix that, I just went into the contents, macos, and opened upa terminal file called NWJS, or in this case, the terminal called PriceForFreedom. But the same thing happens. Any help would be appreciated.

Wait, Nvm. It works. It was just loading and took a long time. Perhaps the loading part was an error? If not, I would advise to add one in cause I was just stuck on that one piece of amazing art for like 5 minutes before I loaded in

It is strange that it takes this long, it should only be a few seconds.

Perhaps it could be that my computer is a Mac and a slightly old model? It could be because my computer overheated and is usually slow. 

the outskirts seen refuses to load for me no matter how many times I reload the game or start a new one 

This could be caused by your antivirus or Windows Defender blocking the files from loading. Add an exception rule for the PriceForFreedom executable. Sometimes just disabling and enabling the protection is enough.

I've done what you said but it still doesn't work

Could you send me your logs: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\LocalLow\TeamDeadDeer\PriceForFreedom\Player.log


The game I believe is experiancing glitch's, during the sex scenes characters are breaking up.

hello teamdeaddeer, i was wondering was this game's gameplay and overall inspired by Divinity: Origin Sin? i see a lot of similarities :P - great quality game btw


Hey thanks, originally the game itself is inspired by Baldur Gates, but yes it's pretty similar to other cRPG such as Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Origin Sin, but obviously we are nowhere near as good as those legends.


We have a few inspirations more based on the individual developer. Arbuz is looking back at his favourites, Baldurs Gate 2, Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, Divinity OS2. I personally look back at games like Shadowrun, Fallout 1&2, Final Fantasy Tactics, Nier Automata etc. Every developer has their own inspirations to what they work by. Even from board games like Kingdom Death.

However, we're not attempting to adapt or take anyone else's world or stories of course. We've more or less focused on learning lessons taught from other things and applying those lessons and some of the ideas that stuck with us over the years. The world for instance is completely ground up out own.

so my laptop can run the game but just barely it seems. It lags a decent amount and so I am wondering if there is anything I can do to make it run better?


You can try to reduce the quality of the fog of war and other settings. But unfortunately the game is still being worked on and optimization isn't our priority at the moment. It should get better later on though.

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Thank you for the reply! I'll see if it works, if not it's fine. I enjoy the game either way

so... i finally rebuild the PC. even tho seems like zip file has errors, there is no way to download exe file? im sure exe file will work if it will be downloaded without any other files, but it has errors when i try to instal with file.

Well the exe is inside the zip, you need to extract it. If you can't open the zip, maybe try to download it here:

well yes i know location of exe file but it has errors after extract is finished.


Only a little ways in, have enjoyed it so far, but I fail to understand the directive of blatant game overs when presented with a pool of options. I understand with the development process that these are potentially intentional, but it provides a rather linear game feel or that I've been robbed of my actual decision. Despite this, you've certainly garnered my appeal. Thanks for the work!


Are you referring to the game over in the prologue? 

Not getting any audio on Windows? Known issue?

No music at all?

No sounds, no music, nothing. Again, this is the Windows exe.

Of course make sure the sound is not disabled in the settings, but beside that could you send me your logs? C:/Users/USER_NAME/AppData/LocalLow/TeamDeadDeer/PriceForFreedom/Player.log

Sure thing, log can be found here:!Akg4f_8hNrRtiZcKRcEtTaTd9_wj2A?e=mXkN13

Fixed by reinstalling my audio driver *facepalm*


Happens :p

Very good art style and not only that. Storyline and lenght. Its all just so perfect. Only problem is that my pc is not working anymore and good game like that should have android version. I know how hard it is to creat android version. But is it planned?

Btw. Just love it D

Thank you, and yes we will have an android version eventually.

U guys have any other game for android ?

No, this is our first one.

Oh nice for first one. Coding shouldbe hard. anyways keep it up

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high five creators. I am not an admin!

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