An erotic cRPG set in the shared Price for Freedom universe.

The new build 24 is available here:

Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.
Alternative links: Mega.

Price for Freedom: Avarice is an erotic cRPG set in the shared Price for Freedom universe. Enter our world in the role of Redic, a man looking to move on from his past and start a new life in the free trade city of Kaldea.

Price for Freedom

However, you find that starting anew isn't so simple in a region on the brink of all out warfare. You become entangled in political intrigue, gang warfare, and cults, all while under the watchful eyes of powerful individuals vying for control of the city before the regional powerhouse of Atlathka bring the war to a head.

Price for Freedom

Set 87 years before the events of the webcomic, Avarice will feature exploration, turn-based combat, party members, choices with consequences, and multiple companion characters with their own stories and relationships that culminate in sumptuous passion. Plenty of erotic content is available already with more planned to come.

Price for Freedom
  • Animated scenes: 47.
  • Unique soundtrack: 30 tracks.
  • Number of words: 450 000+.
  • Hours of gameplay: 30+ hours minimum.
  • Party: 4 companions.
  • Varied adventures: 30 quests.
  • Unique animated character sprites: 79.
  • Unique enemy types: 24.
  • 100% hand drawn locations, characters and scenes.
  • In-game dialogue and quest editors.
Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(752 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast
LinksHomepage, Patreon, SubscribeStar, Twitter, Discord, Newgrounds


Price for Freedom Build 25 - Windows
Price for Freedom Build 25 - Linux 61 MB
Price for Freedom Build 25 - Mac 79 MB

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Having an issue in the very first part of the game. Downloaded the proprietary version through the launcher but still problems arise. After retrieving my sword and entering back into the jail cell, my character doesn't progress further into the room past Clementine, effectively hard locking the game as I cant move my character and I cannot move her either. Especially infuriating since the skip battle button is missing, despite the combat hints in the top right saying the non-existent skip button is a valid option. I really want to get into this game, the artstyle, animation and combat are definitely something I want to explore, having a game-ruining bug in the first 5 minutes of the game is putting the entire experience on hold.

Scoured the internet for a solution, none to be found. Everyone on other forums either told me to skip (impossible) or disable my antivirus (removed Norton ((I didn't use it anyways)) and disabled windows antivirus.

No solution in sight, but it does speak testament to the passion put into the game that I'm trying this hard just to play it. In it's own weird way, that's kind of a plus for the artstyle at least, huh?

The best place to ask for help is on our discord.

Could you zip and send me your saves folder at


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Im doing the A Tall Debt quest and I can't buy the shackles, it brings me to the barkeep nathans shop instead of the slave traders. EDIT: I left the game and went back in, the nathan shop isnt popping up anymore but now there is nothing in the shop the pops up.

Could you zip and send me your saves folder at


Cheat please

The cheat code is on patreon :p

Hey there, do you plan on releasing this game on steam? and if yes when do you speculate the full build will be ready?

Yes that's the goal, but we don't know when it will be finished.

why does the game takes to long to download the files even tho I have a good network and everytime I open the game it will update even tho I updated it the last time I opened it 

Where are you from? You can download the full game directly if you have trouble:


will there be an apk file version i would love to play more than the demo but i have a Chromebook so i cant download it

Yes we will make an android version eventually.

thx i cant wait for it

Would you know how long that will take? Just curious.

Maybe next year, but we haven't started to port it so we don't know yet.

the camping scenes with hiho and samara dont seem to be popping? it only says sleep. any ideas about that? already looked at walkthrough. im on build 25.

Do you have the version 25.2?

yep, thats what it says. even started a new game in case the older build save was messing with it. tried it with only one of them in the party, nothing. unless there is some step not mentioned in the walkthrough im stumped.

not only that, it seems mara will not talk to you to go help the ogre tribe. even after the blockade quest has finished.

installed build 24 just to see. used build 25 save game, and camp scenes are fixed, but mara still wont talk. strange.

Could you send me your saves in front of those bugs in build 25.2, so I can check them. Send it at

The saves are the jpg images in C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\LocalLow\TeamDeadDeer\PriceForFreedom

thank you for your help, but i solved it. as for the camp scenes, my installation was messed up. i reinstalled properly, and they both work now, i thought hihos was messed up still, but hihos works only after samaras apparently. and as for the mara thing, i had to talk to the herbalist again, and she was brought up. the first time i think only the surgeon was mentioned in the first talk. maybe it was messed up due to my messy installation. i know its still in development, so i expected things to be a bit messy. but it was on my end.

good game so far. great art, interesting story, lovable charectors. if it ever came to steam as a finished game, id certainly buy it!

Glad you like it, thank you!

Just asking if I could run this using joiplay..

Oh dude, I really hope you have Android so I can avoid the embarrassment of a pc in my parents' room:)

The only patreon content will be released for public each update? Like the patreons have more content early than the public

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The public content is mostly there so you can decide if you like the game enough to support it or not, and unfortunately we don't plan to make other part of the game free, since the goal is to eventually sell the full game on Steam and co, once it is finished.

:c okay that's a shame because at the moment i can't afford the game but i plan buy it in the future maybe for the 1.0 release

I think there should be more languages

We want to but there is a LOT of dialogue and the writing is not finished yet.

Love the game a lot, It's great and I wish the devs good luck for the future.

Just one question, Where do you farm money lol?

Thank you, there is no way to farm money or experience at the moment, but we are thinking about adding some gameplay loop for that eventually, probably centered around the monster hunting guild.


Last update was 4 months ago and the game development is not in good conditions, I don't think asking the same questions again and again is not gonna help the developers to do anything, just wait or donate to the dev team.

Yeah we had a rough year, as do a lot of people these days, but we are still trucking! The build 25 is finally done, so that's good.

Hello, I love this game but unfortunately English is not my main language and I would like to play it in my language so I use an application called "Textractor" the thing is, does anyone have the "hook" to be able to translate it?

Good idea, we will look into machine translation as a placeholder before we can have a proper one.

that's great <3

So hopefully the issue solved itself for those down below.
(Not being able to start the game)
If not then I'm not too sure but for me I've been able to start the game 
Playing on Windows 10 and I'm sure Windows 11 can start it as well
Running this game through the Itch.Io Sandbox Launcher - Its an app for convenience of use for those who want to buy the game. 
Here is the link 
Once downloaded head into Preferences and check Sandbox Mode
Hopefully this solves some issue although it might be a software issue on your end. 

I think the issue is some antivirus such as avast block the game from reading some files like the saves for some reason. It can be solved by adding an exception.

this game looks really good but i cannot get it to start. ive seen a few comments saying the same for windows users. i understand the dev is ukrainian so probably on hold for a while but i would love a fix/ explination for this problem.

I think the issue is some antivirus such as avast block the game from reading some files like the saves for some reason. It can be solved by adding an exception. Maybe you can also try the sandbox thingy suggested here

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For those wondering where the updates are, just worth mentioning that the author mentioned having to flee their home after russia invaded ukraine. They have confirmed they are safe but it might be a while. This would also probably be an excellent time to throw the author some patron money if you like the game to assist with transitional costs.


Hope the author stays safe and in good conditions, I don't know if this is coincidental but every game I play has at least one developer from Ukraine or Russia which leads to them leaving the game development half-way through.

Yes Arbuz is safe now, and yeh there was a lot of slav doing gamedev and working online in general, since it pays more than local jobs. No idea how this will evolve sadly.

Thank you for the support!


I'm just glad to hear Arbuz is safe.


plz do android馃檹

We plan to but only once we are satisfied with the game on desktop, to not spread ourselves too thin.


Is it ever getting an android release?

Yes it will but we want to polish the game a little more first.

Does it work for 32 bit?

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Yes, there is a Windows 32 bit version here.

Are they still updating in Patreon?

Yep, it took a while but the build 25 is finally out.

I recently downloaded the game, but every time I start it, I get the opening art with the name where it fades to sparks, but won't load any further, I can close it with the x at the top right of the screen, but I can't do anything else with it up, some help would be appreciated

same here,. havent found a fix

I think the issue is some antivirus such as avast block the game from reading some files like the saves for some reason. It can be solved by adding an exception. But ask for help on our discord if this doesn't work, so we can help you.

I think the issue is some antivirus such as avast block the game from reading some files like the saves for some reason. It can be solved by adding an exception.
But ask for help on our discord if this doesn't work, so we can help you.


Is this possible to play on android?

Not at the moment, but we plan to make an Android version eventually.


crashed my whole pc, best game i ever played

Glad you are linking it. Ask for help on our discord, I am curious what is causing the crash and how we can fix it.

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i can either corrupt lady wolf or break her right?

Can always try, she might like the struggle.


Call me stupid but how do you get past the startup screen? It freezes every time I load it up

I think the issue is some antivirus such as avast block the game from reading some files like the saves for some reason. It can be solved by adding an exception. But ask for help on our discord if this doesn't work, so we can help you.

Hi, i wanted to try out the game but it wouldn't let me save, i saw a past comment on a another person with the problem and you linked the games site, but the only problem that the site has a fix for is if a firewall doesn't trust the game, but i didn't have any notifications for windows defender. Could you please help, thank you

I think the issue is some antivirus such as avast block the game from reading and writing some files like the saves for some reason. It can be solved by adding an exception. But ask for help on our discord if this doesn't work, so we can help you.

Question will a mobile Version come out one day?

Yes we plan to make an Android version, but hard to tell when exactly.




i very need chinese, my english is very bad.


We might add some machine translation as placeholder before getting a proper one.


42 hours and i just reached the end of content. 

Pretty good DA, all characters are good even if i don't like the way Verona and Lady Wolf treated us (I don't like being forced or toyed ^^" But it's ok, nothing too much)

I took a like on Hiho for her personnality and Isky (for the punishing part and the design of kobold)

The combat system is good and promising. I can see that all skills will have it's own tree. I would be glad to think of a build when the system would be completed. 

Some things i must say. During my playthrough, i noticed that the codex has a notification that doesn't seems to be off, so i got the red dot all along, even after trying to read each pages. 

I suppose it's normal but passed a point of the game, my level were decreased from 25-ish to 15 only on the MC and i couldn't gain any skill points anymore. Moreover, when i try to unlearn a kill, i don't get the point back. Seems like my save if doomed :(

Is it normal that some gallery scenes haven't any clues ? I unlocked them via patreon code and it seems they were the "sprite scene" after some scenes. 

And lastly, perhaps a way to farm money ? I didn't find any good way (other than looting area)

Like said, I sub in patreon and i'll try to keep it. I like your game :D
Good job and good luck for the next ! o/

(1 edit)

Thank you! The codex notification should be fixed now, and we are adding an option to stab(!) LW in the prologue. You have good points, I'll look into the issues you mentioned.


make it to steam and might buy, not one willing to pay every month for content

used to play pre 10 build and loved it
so im sure id buy it at a decent one time price if i get everything in one go

Yes that's the plan once it's all done.

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Gotta say... This game blew away my expectations. In truth, as most did, I came here for the art and of course,  for the horny... but to my surprise, the characters seem well-fleshed and the story seems interesting. I only got past the part where you find out the secret identity of a certain maiden so I can't say much for everything at the moment. I've played games like Baldur's gate, Tactics styled games and tabletop rpgs, so I'm always eager to put a new game to the test.

Regarding the comments of a few critics; I do think that the combat was a little confusing as well as the level-up system.

Like some have said, I was somewhat underwhelmed by how weak the MC felt at the start of it. For how much the other characters tout his ability with the sword, it felt like lip service, as he constantly needed to be carried by his teammates in order to win a battle.

However, the MC has something that gives him an edge and that makes him potentially stronger than the supporting characters. He can level up and invest points into passive and active skills.

I understand that overwhelming ability of the supporting characters may be as it is because the Dev may be planning to eventually, give level progression and point investment to the supporting characters. As their skills and progression probably haven't been decided or worked on yet, they were probably given a buff to prevent them from being deadweight as the MC got stronger. Regardless, battles would be boring if the MC was strong enough to beat the enemies himself.

Now, regarding the first NSFW scene with a certain female. Strangely, I was disappointed how quickly she wanted to sleep with the MC. I thought: oh great, a sex scene that had no premise and makes no sense as there was no tension or buildup that led to that point. But then when the identity of the female in question comes to light it all made sense. They say that food tastes even better when you are fed a bland of boring appetizer. In this case, the appetizer was a red hering and the main course was exquisite.

All in all, I see a lot of potential in this game/tale and boldly, I even daresay, that I would still play this game even if it did not have the horny, as the story is rather captivating.

One recommendation, I have would be to make the skip battle icon more discreet and out of the way as I had clicked on it one time, after a long time away from the intial startup of the game and I was disappointed that I had ended the battle in such a way. Honestly, I would like it better with it gone completely but I understand some people probably enjoy thay function.

This already looked like quite a good game, but this comment made me certain of it. I'll definitely be giving this a shot! 

Having come right off of Divine Dawn (a huge recommendation if you haven't played it already and like good writing), I'm itching to play something again with just as much character depth and story intrigue.

Hello i can't complete the quest Involuntary Saviour, the saurian does not appear in my room when i get back to nathan's inn. 

I gave the bandit fort to atlathka and had them help me resolve the hostage situation, i even tried replay it mutiple times and the saurian still does not appear in nathan's inn.



I downloaded the windows build but it doesn't seem to work.  does this mean i have to become a patreon member or what before the game comes


How tf i can save my progress?

Cant get any audio working, regardless of full download or launcher, on windows.

Audio's turned off by default, uncheck "mute sounds" in the settings.


Cleared all content available for the free build as far as I can tell.

Positives: Amazing art. Likeable characters (grew fond of some that I initially wrote off). Gameplay loop is enjoyable. Fleshed out progression (for those who have skill choices at this time).

Negatives: Skill keywords don't seem to be defined anywhere (skill evolution gives +deadly. ok, but what does that do?). I would just recommend adding a keyword glossary to the Journal so players can quickly access that information without having to write keyword effects on every upgrade. Combat is really limited due to attacks costing so much AP with seemingly no way to increase AP at this time so you end up picking the two best attacks for every character and never deviating from that setup. There are dialogues that seem to skip flags (people talking to me like we've spoken before, but this was the first time I met them). I also spotted a few typos, but did not write down what lines they were on.

For those of you who want a number rating: 9/10 despite the issues I listed earlier. I can see this game being a massive success, and I have faith the issues I have brought up will be alleviated as development continues. Keep your eye on it. Looking forward to future updates. Samara is best girl, fight me.

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