An erotic cRPG set in the shared Price for Freedom universe.

The new build 31 is available here:

Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.
Alternative links: Mega, Drive.

Price for Freedom: Avarice is an erotic cRPG set in the shared Price for Freedom universe. Enter our world in the role of Redic, a man looking to move on from his past and start a new life in the free trade city of Kaldea.

Price for Freedom

However, you find that starting anew isn't so simple in a region on the brink of all out warfare. You become entangled in political intrigue, gang warfare, and cults, all while under the watchful eyes of powerful individuals vying for control of the city before the regional powerhouse of Atlathka bring the war to a head.

Price for Freedom

Set 87 years before the events of the webcomic, Avarice will feature exploration, turn-based combat, party members, choices with consequences, and multiple companion characters with their own stories and relationships that culminate in sumptuous passion. Plenty of erotic content is available already with more planned to come.

Price for Freedom
  • Animated scenes: 62.
  • Collectible pinups: 93.
  • Unique soundtrack: 42 tracks.
  • Number of words: 650 000+.
  • Hours of gameplay: 25+ hours minimum.
  • Party: 4 companions.
  • Varied adventures: 34 quests.
  • Unique animated character sprites: 80.
  • Unique enemy types: 24.
  • 100% hand drawn locations, characters and scenes.
  • In-game dialogue and quest editors.



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Hey devs, there's this bug I don't see anyone talking about where all the enemies immediately die. I'm not 100% sure on what the conditions for the bug to happen are, but it seems like it happens  whenever all characters in the party don't deal damage on a turn. Tried redownloading the game, but it still happens and it happens on the web version here too. (Easiest way to make this happen is to just skip your turn)

Could you send a bug report, using the bottom left button in the main menu? So I can check your combat save.


Heya, Devs! I know that you may have already got tired of this question, but guys, after checking the description I was hoping to see information about the android version, but as I look it is not there ×_×

So I ask the question: will there be an android version? Or do you not want to get into this thicket? I'd love to hear from you😉

Hey, you should be able to somewhat play on mobile with the web version on itchio, even if it's not officially supported, but the controls are pretty bad.

We will make a proper android version eventually, but the current priority is on making new content for the desktop version, so it will take some time.

That's it, thank you for your answer. I'll bookmark the game so as not to lose it. 

Good luck with your life and development!

In the itchio app I get shown two datas, I let the game update itself. 

I think the app might be really broken, now I just have to figure out which is the newer one. Although I get the feeling it doesn't matter if I start the game with the app or not.


What is the itchio app? Is it on mobile?

I think it's called like that, it's that what you can download here.

I honestly thought it would be more like a game client but sometimes it feels more like "hald Browser/half game client"

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Hm, there is 3 ways to play the game.
- The web version here to play in your browser.
- The small launcher, which will then download the game but will let you play while it's downloading: here.
- By downloading the whole game zip at once here.

From what I understand you got the launcher and are having issues downloading the game with it? Are you on Windows?

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This here on the launcher I assume that is exactly what I'm using (english/german sorry)

Oh and yes windows.

PriceForFreedom.exe (651,00 KIB)

PriceForFreedom.exe (651,00 KIB)

PriceForFreedom.exe (638,50 KIB)

and  if I follow the path to where the game is installed I see




I guess that is basically my problem but I didn't wanted to write it down like it.

I can play, but I feel unsure if I really have chosen the newest build when I click on one of them above.

Sometimes with other games the launcher puts a game twice in your libary.

What I mentioned earlier was, that the game aked me if I wanted to let it update and I agreed.

That's strange, but if you don't have issues playing after updating, it should be good. You can check the version bottom left of the main menu. Current one is 31.2.



How many copper quests to become silver?

3 quests (you need patreon too).





arts are great, gameplays looks nice at start, but soon you find out its terrible, MC stuck all the time and slowdowns, main story is gross from very start. endless empty rooms and meaningless monsters.

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What do you mean by "MC stuck all the time", in combat or outside? Softlock?

By "endless empty rooms" are you referring to the prologue catacombs?

Can't argue on the rest, we try to give life to the world through the lore / story / characters, and each monster has their own reason to be there and ecosystem (troglodytes cultivates the shrooms in caves and compete with the worms colonies, undeads got stuck from an ancient war which has an extensive lore, and blackfurs migrate to mate...), but everyone has their own tastes.

This game looks really promising just from this page. Someday I'll buy it. Got too much stuff going around now . Hope it'll get even better by that time. Keep up the great work!


sup dev, the game is rly cool even if it's  not finished yet. are there any plans to add RU translate?


Yes it will get added eventually.

My bro got downvoted for asking if there will be russian translation

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fr bro, i swear, some of these people have less brain cells than a fun sized bag of m&m's

will the scenes or quests that are patreon only be able to play for non patreon users in the near future?

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No, we don't plan on releasing more scenes in the public build, because our goal is to sell the full game on Steam and here when it's finished.
The public version is mostly there as a demo so you can decide if you like the game enough to support its development.

After completing the Samara boat story, I spawned back as Samara in Kaldea. Is that supposed to happen because I dont know what I am supposed to do as her?

That's not supposed to happen... Could you send us a bug report? (bottom left button of the main menu).
Did you escape the ship or got caught by the sailors?

If you join the partreon is there a time limit on how many days you can have the full access?

PS: sorry my english is bad


You will always have access to the version that was up when you last were a patreon. You just wont have access to future versions after you unsubscribe.


Is this game all straight or is there any gay to this game


Mostly straight, with some fxf content, but no mxm.

ah dang, thanks for lettin me know!

Hello here. I'm curious, I see a picture of gameplay with a party of five persons on this page, but in game I can only have three... Is it something not fully implemented yet?


The maximum is a party of 3 and we don't intend to increase it except for specific quests.
That being said you can add more companions with the cheat code. That's not the intended gameplay but it works fine.


combat is super confusing for me :c


its easy brah yellow juice is armor, red juice is HP and, the red long juice below all of the little one is the real life juice. if red bar go bye bye you put bad stuff on enemy and now his red juice is coming out, if you hit the bar with no red or yellow juice he takes less damage then if bad guy has low life juice you can execute him by basic attacking the little bar with no red juice :3

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it is a bit confusing but its a unique mechanic


i need a straw item... like the one in TBoI, the one that makes you leak blood, but usable on enemies


How can i meet the crimson dervish ???idk

Check the walkthrough.

Deleted 12 days ago
Deleted 11 days ago

How much of the game is locked behind patreon ? didnt played new version yet , i remember i played it few years ago and almost all of it was behind patreon back then.

Check the walkthrough. Essentially everything above whispering bandits is free.

could you explain how exactly the Patreon gives access to the full game. Is there a download link? or some sorta code like the gallery? thanks


The download link is the same, you just login to patreon through the game when it starts to unlock everything. And yes there is also a cheat code for the gallery and cheating.

What's the difference between the Patreon build?

The public builds has less quests and scenes. It's essentially a demo so you can decide if you like the game enough to support us.
You can check the quests here:

Will this be on android any chance? Because I am android user I just want to know.


One day yes.

ok thanks 

scylla's first intimate scene is bugged, all i can see is an abomination of random arms and legs like some eldritch monster lmao


Oh... well it's canon now I guess.


This game is super fucking good


is  there any gay type content?

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There is lesbian stuff, but no mxm.




You know, for as good as this is, I am honestly rather upset the game just ends when I tell Sa'id. Very linear, at least thus far.


Well you can't really expect to live after revealing her secret, especially since she is testing you the whole time.

So... My first comment on , i need to express all the emotions... Good!

The game is incredibly cool and addictive.

I agree with @bobofwestoregonusa about "the closest hybrid of baldur's Gate and final fantasy tactics". I agree on another point: This masterpiece definitely needs  steam!

I confess that I missed some moments of the dialogues... I missed it because of my little-known English... So that's it! If this miracle also has localization (including the RUS, pliz), then the project will receive 100/10 from me. But for now, unfortunately, I can only give a miserable 80/10.

Please forgive me if I am expressing myself incorrectly... The review was written using Google Translate.

If U try to translate with a soul, then my early estimate may even exceed two hundred))


Thank you, for now we are working on having as many machine translation as we can, and later we'll probably have ways for native speakers to improve it.


This is probably the closest we'll ever get to a baldur's gate/final fantasy tactics hybrid in terms of actual quality, and as a bonus it has porn. I definitely cannot wait to pay for the full release on steam. Do you have an ETA on that? Anything from 1-2 years or are you expecting more?


We probably don't deserve to be compared to those games but I take it! We don't like to give an ETA because it will 100% be wrong and we don't know anyway. But the main story has been planned for a long time and we are past the halfway point. More than 1 year though.


Put it up for Wish-listing on Steam, ill definitely buy it (Make sure there are also Achievements, there are people who are junkies out there, definitely not me)


alrdy have an ETA account

not to make anyone jealous or anything

What is the duration of the game on the site?

The public build is probably at least 6 hours, more if you do all the fights. The patreon build is many more hours (25h+ ?). Check the walkthrough to have an idea of the content.

Hi, i just want to ask if this game will ever be for android or nah?? It looks like It's not going to be on Android but it would be SO great.


It will be eventually.


estaré al pendiente del juego.

mi única pregunta es si estará en steam .

recuerdo haberlo jugado en mi antigua pc hace algún tiempo creo que fue la build 13 y no tenia el español ahora con el idioma tengo aun mas ganas de jugarlo cuándo este completo XD.

Any approximate date for its full release on a platform like Steam? Outside of porn and all that, the gameplay, ambient lore and the fact that it is handmade seems very interesting to me

We don't have a date for that yet. We have a set main story we want to implement, but it takes time as you can imagine.


TeamDeadDeer, Please translate this game into Russian, it is a very difficult text for a Russian person to understand.


Not so difficult to learn simple English btw


Слушай, друг, я, конечно, понимаю твою позицию в этом вопросе, но и ты пойми что тяжело играть в игры не на родном языке. Иди учи русский язык - если игра на русском, так что-ли? Ну бред же.

дядь, английский учить надо и знать хотя бы на базовом уровне, язык международного общения как-никак

bet it will be popular on steam one day 

if have Chinese will be perfect

We'll have Chinese eventually, but we have a lot of things on our plate at the moment.






My character avatars aren't showing up. Help. I can only see the character shadows.

Could you take a screenshot?
Are you playing on windows? What is your config?


una pregunta, como se guarda la partida?

Are the quests that are only available for patreon going to be put out for public? I just wanted to be sure as the walkthrough site says 'currently patreon only' for those quests

(3 edits) (+1)

No I don't think we'll add more quests to the public build anymore, since the goal is to eventually sell the full game here or on steam, and there is already enough free ones to have a good idea if you like the game or not. I'll edit the walkthrough since it's confusing.

ok thanks!


would love if you would sell it on steam will be a 100% buy from me then 

Will this be coming out for Android any time soon?

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One day yes, but it's not as easy as it sounds (the game is already 8GB and there is all the UI / controls to adapt).

Does the game works on joiplay or any other similar app?

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I don't think it does sadly.

well I'll wait for the day it comes out then


well I'll wait for the day it comes out then

Hello, I was wondering where the saves are kept, as i only want my own saves available and find it annoying that every time i load the game there's a bunch of saves the game came with that I cant get rid of

They are here:

But you can't remove the detault saves, the game will recreate them.


Please add Korean too

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With how the patreon integration works, do you also lose the full access to older versions if you unsubscribe? The ambiguity is scaring me off a bit

Edit: found that you don't lose access below in other comments, which is great! You guys should probably add that to the FAQ on the site, I'm sure other people have wondered but not bothered asking

Yeah fair enough, I will add it.

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