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Hey man i'm really loving your game and planning to a review on it,may i ask you a couple of questions

Of course, you can easily reach us on discord.

Love the game, but I can't figure out how you're supposed to make money

Doing the quests and selling items you find should earn you enough. But it's not too well balanced yet.

umm question can I play this with 2gb ram?? i really want to play this at first i come here because of the art and that "art" but when i see the pic of the game i feel like i will enjoy this more so pls tell me its possible

I never tested it but it should work. You can try, a big part of the game is free.

The game might crash after a while but we have auto saves.

the game is keep crashing everytime and  i dont know why 

Could you zip and send me this folder: C:\Users\YOUR_NAME_HERE\AppData\LocalLow\TeamDeadDeer\PriceForFreedom


I will look at it.

Can I cheat to win battles ?  oo   :)

I like the art and sex.. not a fan of losing battles lol 

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Yep, there is a skip combat button at the bottom right. We are reworking the combat system at the moment, to make it more interesting.


Apk version please!!

Probably once the desktop version is done, we don't have resources to spare on android unfortunately.

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Can someone help me, I have unzip the game now how do I play?? I'm still new to all of this

Nevermind I have resolved the problem

Hello TeamDeadDeer, im curious about the games save files, I noticed that the ones i have are only Jpgs and i have never seen that before, is this supposed to be like this?

Hey, yes the game is saved into jpg, so it's easier to check their content.

ah ok tyvm, was just curious :)


What's the WebGL file? Tried to run it but it seems that it won't fully load. 


same thing 

Strange, it does work for me. You could try here instead, we have a bunch.

any new scene for the public?

Not this time, but we might make Osh'To scene public soon.


game looks really amazing!! Will try to support your development!

Thank you, we do our best.


this is a seriously good game, in fact its probably one of the best that i have seen i hope the updates keep on coming, well done


Do you think to do it for mobile in a future?

I know it's not gonna be the same but the animation are amazing! And I try to run it in mobile and it kinda works.

I just was wondering cause is a really cool game and if you added to android or Ios i think it may be well received

Thanks for reading.


We might do it, but we would need to rework the interface significantly, so we prefer to focus on finishing the game on desktop first, given our resources are limited.


Welp then there's its hope.

Thanks for replying!

can you sell this game from steam i love this game but i dont use patreon for many reasons 


We plan to sell it on steam eventually, but not before it is completed. We have a SubscribeStar if you don't like Patreon in particular, but otherwise we plan to release more content for free with every future update.

can you please say when this game will complete 

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Hard to say, I would guess we are about half way done.


Did a video on the game since I loved it! So hope more people get to know it. 


Does Scylla have an NSFW scene/when is it? I'm unsure whether I missed it or not due to dialogue choices or having other party members. At one point there was even mention I'd be sharing her bedroll in camp at night and it just skipped to the next day immediately. I'm much farther into her quest and just wanted to be sure I didn't miss anything.


Yes she does, but it is Patreon only at the moment. You can check the walkthrough if you have doubts on other quests:

I can't seem to actualy download this to my mac


This link might work better for you


Thank you that worked

Hi, I've been playing the quest Whispering Bandits and for some reason I have went around the village, talked to Pastor Roddis, the Old Man , went to the old cave , found the abandoned camp and went around all of the other buildings but for some reason I can't find Tiemon which he is supposed to be located in the (Inn) so I can grab the key to access the building inside of Roddis church. Can anyone help?


Could you join our discord and send us the zip of your save folder: C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\LocalLow\TeamDeadDeer\PriceForFreedom

In the bug tracker channel.


unless my game is fucked or theres nothing teaching me how to play. other than that  and the few errors i love it. the style, the combat (once i figured out how) the XXX , the charaters!!  its so good , cant wait for more. also i couldnt make saves on my own , an save that the player can make would be great.


Hi, you can create your own save from the save/load window, except while you are in the middle of a dialogue.

Hello, I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I'm in a community of this type of games and we usually translate them into several languages, including German, Spanish and French so that people who do not know the Anglo-Saxon language so much can have it more accessible, do you know? Could you get to work on a translation or patch in Spanish, German and French for this game? Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience


Hi, we would love to translate the game eventually, but we don't have time to do it at the moment, focusing on finishing the game itself.

Hi. Where can you find the text files yourself if you want to translate it yourself? And what program do you need then?

Hey, there is a dialogue editor in the game itself, but only patrons can access it at the moment. We might make it easier to translate later, but we are very busy finishing the game.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. I'll just wait then because the game looks interesting, but my English is too bad for me to understand the text without help.

there are many without walking animation... just sliding on the ground even with interactable NPCs (like Terri in Oasis)


Just the latest trend in Kaldea, it will pass.

how do u save game

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On the first crowd  that you see, just after the prologue, i'm talking about the inn, there are some NPCs that don't have a walk animation, they look like they are ice skating... on a wooden floor.

This is more noticeable if you turn 'crowd density' all the way up to 27. Also daaaanm that's a lot of people xD


Yep, they are older placeholder NPC that didn't get animated yet.

Android port plz?


Me too

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This game is one  of the finest i've ever played :-))

But after finishing the Whispering Bandits quest, the interaction with Samara and Hiho is gone, i can't click to talk to them anymore...


Hi, this should be fixed with the upcoming update.

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So it is an actual glitch ? Then i guess i'm waiting, please fix it soon, Also i got stuck in the ship's cargo of Samara's story, when the battle comes up

the first secks was so nice

I have a question, is it possible to patch this game in Spanish? (I am interested in the game, I already played from the beginning, but since I am bad at English I feel like I get lost in some parts)


We might translate the game eventually, but there is a LOT of dialogue, so it's not a small endeavour. Don't be afraid to use the walkthrough when you are stuck

can someone tell me where's that damn fence


Check the walkthrough:

Can you make an android newsletter?

We don't plan to work on an Android build before the game is done on desktop unfortunately, because we want to focus our resources on the content.

Lol, I was looking for this and I like this answer, it gives me hope, the game looks so good...I love the art style, keep up the great work!!

thanks, i'm fine

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I have some problem with launch


wow then write already what type of issues you have :rolleyes:


Our discord is the best place to get help quick:


Please let us enjoy the patreon stuff now, it's been months already


We release a public build with every patreon build. The last one was this month:

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Even with adjustments that font is....just so illegible like good god. EDIT -Alright I downloaded it full screened it and basically tweaked the color variants of it so I can finally read it and its...still incredibly difficult for me at times's doable now. 

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Is there going to be an android version??

I love the webcomic and RPGs so this would be the best!!


i dont think you understand how big this game is

Just wishful thinking :) either way I'll get it :)


We don't plan to work on an Android build before the game is done on desktop unfortunately, because we want to focus our resources on the content.


that's actually amazing most games I've played seem rushed on android and has major hiccups I'm glad you all are taking the time before you consider it :) , you all rock


Thanks you!

I think the art looks professional and the combat is actually pretty interesting. there were a couple times I caught my self not even playing for the nsfw content, but just to see what happens next. It also helps that the main character is some how really likable. It is clear a lot of thought and effort went into this game and it shows.


Looks pretty decent so far. How am I supposed to get past the guards in the cathedral though? I don´t get it.


Sorry for the very late answer. There is a door on the other side of the cells door, in the dark area.


The new version 12 is on their site :

I have an issue after following the jailer back to the cells in the catacombs, before the battle scene I am stuck on a black screen. 


there is a point in the prologue where I could not move any further, aside from that cant wait for the full thing 

Great game.


its pretty ok

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