Price for Freedom Build 18

Build 18

Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.

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Hey everyone, this time we focus on Hiho with two new quests, 3 animated scenes and  some changes to her first quest and how her first scene triggers. She will now take a bit more effort and patience to lay, as it was intended since the beginning. And at the end of her quest chain you will be greeted with her new campfire scene.

We also added 3 animated variations of Moira scene that can be explored when revisiting her after the first scene. Another notable change is the ability to revisit Hiho and Samara camp scenes anytime by using the camping supplies in the wilderness.

Finally, this update kicks off our work to improve the combat system. It is still a work in progress, but big steps are being made now that it is finally in our focus, after having been neglected for so long.

Anyways, we will have news on next update in a devlog soon. Its writing is already almost done and Arb has started work on the scene. A bunch of new sprites are also in the making, and we have a lot of other plans silently progressing in the background...

Enjoy Hiho in the meantime!


  • [Patreon] Hiho scene with 3 animated CG.
  • [Patreon] Hiho 2 new quests and 1 collectible.
  • Moira revisit scene 3 new animated variants (oral, missionary, and vag on table).
  • Verona post scene lizard ladies flash pinups.
  • Camping in the wild allows to redo Samara and Hiho camp scenes.
  • 3 new locations for Hiho quest.
  • A pinup to find in Hiho quest.
  • Basis of the new combat system.
  • A new enemy type: Sectants.
  • Hiho first scene now happens after the first visit to the temple.
  • Add "Hiho at Nathan's inn" event after her first quest.
  • Add the party table to Nathan's inn.
  • Fix the strongboxes.
  • Fix the short freeze during the first combat loading.
  • Some combat area have special environment effects.


Build 18 - Hiho
Apr 03, 2021
Build 18 - Hiho
Apr 03, 2021
Build 18 - Hiho
Apr 03, 2021

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