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Hope will have Chinese!


Is Russian localization planned?


Maybe, there is a lot of text so it's time consuming and costly to translate everything. Russian in particular will be low priority unfortunately, given where that country is going...

i liked the game a lot but i couldnt find how to see the art of girls without towels

The towels of the girls you laid is hidden when the game loads. And you can access the image in the game gallery. You might need the patreon version to see them all since a few girls aren't in the public build.


Hey my dude, sorry to be that guy and ask if theres any update on the pregnancy/impregnation front (I'd like to ask if you plan on expanding it since this is a brilliant game - so like will there be any "families" you can start or like any homesteading / (idk I havent gotten that far yet lol) )

Aside from that the main thing I wanted to ask is if this'll be coming to steam in the form of early access? (I noticed some other people asked below and you responded with when its done, but will there be any chance of you releasing it prior to completion?) 


I don't think we will have pregnancy during the game itself but at the end instead, when we describe the fate of each companion and characters depending on your actions during the game. So there might be a few wholesome scenes but don't expect something too significant.

We wont have an early access on Steam because Patreon is enough to finance the game and we want to release a finished and polished version on Steam. It gives us a clear goal to end this game.

I just whish there is a playable version because I'm so bored of doing the same lizard girl over and over.

What do you mean? The web version is just a small demo, you can download the full game here:

"This site can't be reached".

Is there some temporary issue with the website? I've checked on Twitter and on Patreon also, none of the links worked. Alternative link on patreon works just fine though.

Strange, where are you from?

That would be Estonia.

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is there will be a playable mobile version?

No the game is not available on mobile yet, only desktop. We will port it on android eventually.


glad to know that the developer still updating it and btw what is Character in ur pfp because its looks cool

That's Lady Wolf, from the webcomic.

this is the best porn game ive played, the art is amazing, I have been inspired to draw some snake OCs because of the way theyre drawn in this game, and the gameplay/story is very good.


does it make you a furry with snake OCs?

I drawn quite a few deer as well,  but tbh I just enjoy drawing different characters, so call it what you will I guess

generally reptiles are called scalies, and birds are called avians

yeah ik, ive drawn some of each


Thank you! Draw all the snakes.

how is this game save file works when it said as string i copy and paste it when new thing have unlocked but it just close the menu and nothing happened

Do you mean in the web version?

the downloaded versio

The saves are the images files located in C:/Users/USER_NAME/AppData/LocalLow/TeamDeadDeer/PriceForFreedom on Windows. The string thing is only for debug purpose.

the windows download dosnt work

Have you tried the links here?

Have to admit the animations and movements were pretty smooth and neat, even for the web version. Incredibly unique piece I've seen so far. Thank you for your content

Thank you. In case you missed it, a lot of content in the desktop version is free, if you want to go further than our little web version.

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I usually like the character customization in RPG games. Main Character or companion... What do you plan for that? A complete character creator? To which extent we'll be able to customize our characters?

Another thing, I love your artstyle. It has something.... unique.

Thank you!

We don't plan to have many customization options (besides equipment and skin / hair color), mainly because it would take too much work to adapt all the smut scenes, arts and dialogues to match. Also keep in mind the main character isn't a blank slate like in Skyrim, but someone with a backstory like in The Witcher for example.

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I've had no issues installing/playing the game. Love the characters and story so far, and the (Prequel? AU?) comic looks to be on par. Congrats, you are better than a triple a studio in my opinion! Keep up the great work!

Thank you!

I have a question is there anymore scenes with lady wolf?

Not yet, but we plan to.

where can you find the sword so it let you go down the stairs in the first leave

Have you checked the walkthgough?

Artwork and demo looks good! I'm gonna save this game for later. 

My game suddenly crashed and had to force shutdown my laptop right after going out of the Town in Osh' To's questline. Not really sure why it happened but just wanna make sure whether it's a common scenario or just a me situation.

It could be a case of your laptop overheating, since the game is not well optimized yet. Could you play normally after that?

Got a bit terrified so havent played it yet after that. I'll try it again when I can. I'll make another reply once I have

Just tried it and didn't experience any crashes.  You might be right on that.


Just a random question is there/plan for pregnancy


There may be some pregnancy later on, but not in a sexual way.


Oh thank God

so I have a question I clicked run game and it put me into the Inn and I tried to go down the stairs and it just kept telling me that the full version is on your website so does that mean that was a demo? And does that mean if I want to fully play it I have to download it?

Yes the web game here is a tiny demo. You can download the public build here for free which has a lot more stuff, and if you like it enough you can get the patreon build which has everything we did so far.

Is there a way to not have the clementine scene in the prologue without skipping the prologue.

Not at the moment, but we plan to make it optional later.


Is it possible to port this on android?

Yes but we are focusing on the desktop build at the moment.

Hello, i downloaded your game and played it for like, 5 hours, and was amazed. Nice graphics and design, interesting characters, turn-based combat. So, i closed the game and decided to wait for full game release, so i can buy it and fully enjoy it. But i have one question that tingling me. Can you tell me a bit about the main plot ? When i was left alone in the tavern i was stunned for a moment, something felt amiss, because i thought that i would recive a "main quest" that would help me to progress the story and encourage me to explore the city. Maybe i'm overthinking myself, but i would like to hear your thoughts about that. Thanks.

Hey, thank you, the first main quest is in the patreon build (whispering bandits).

I downloaded public build 22, but the purple robed crier is never appearing and I finished all tasks up to that point. He used to appear in previous builds but I never could do his story because it was patreon only. How do I get time to pass in the game for him to show up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Love the game btw!

Did you unlock the patreon version? Could you post your issue in the bug tracker channel of our discord? It will be easier to help you there.

I didn't unlock the patreon version, but in the past when I had build 19 public version, the purple robe crier was there even though I couldn't start his quest, now in build 22, he isn't there anymore, what was added for the public since build 19? as of right now, nothing has changed for me


Can you just add an Android version?Thanks


Yes but we are focusing on the desktop build at the moment.

so i started to read comic and later i discovered video of this game and now i see it well still wonder if this game is made by some inspiration or just new idea

The game takes place 87 years before the comic in the same setting, but a different place. Of course most of the characters in the comic aren't born yet, but you will see familiar faces...

and u are the creator yeah?


The creator of the comic is ArbuzBudesh, our team lead.

Is there any quest you can repeat for coins? or Zone with loot that refresh? I tend to play a bribe-heavy play-trough where I try to be the least murder-y as possible, and it leaves me quite poor (a way of playing I am sure Hilo can appreciate :) )

There is no repeatable content to make money at the moment but yeah we will probably add some eventually.

It would be very apreciated, thank you. Many of the gallery scenes are locked for me because I have less then a silver in my pockets and cannot afford the brothel girls D:

Question two: I really like the Kobold girl, but boi does she has a problematic personality XD. Is there any chance she might eventually join the party as a rogue type character?

It's a secret, but yes we thought about that... (not in the near future)

Deleted 180 days ago

Maybe, a lot of people are asking for translations.

Hi i got this from your patron and really loving it but im on the
Whispering Bandits quest, im stuck at the sunken face in the dungeon i cant get passed it how do i and what do i and need to offer the face to open the sealed door

Hey, I think you missed the door at the bottom right of this room. That's where you access this area.

is there a way to repeat scenes?

In the gallery menu, but in the game itself I think only Moira is repeatable at the moment. We plan to have more repeatable content eventually, once we have time to make the writing for it.

Is there a character creator in this? Or do you play as the Elf?

No it's only the elf, and he is not a blank slate either. Think of it like The Witcher protagonist. We might add some cosmetic options (you can already set his color), but nothing beyond that.

what kind of cosmetic options would you add if you were to do it?

We have skin and clothes color. Maybe some clothing options later, but not much because we would need to edit all the CG and animated scenes.


Can you make an Android version of the game? Please.

Yes, but once we are confident the desktop version is good enough.

how long is this game?


Several hours (15-25 probably) for free version much more with patreon one.


The art style is simply amazing, same as the story!
Yet I have to ask ifyou have any plans for m/m encounters? :)


Thank you! We have plans for f/f but no m/m, mostly because we work on what we are interested in.

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does that mean the chance of seeing it implemented in the future is impossible?

Yes there wont be any m/m.


i just stared playing but the bath picture is just black with floating towels and the  one scene some part of it is just black and i think it will be the same with the rest of the scenes too. how to fix this

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Are you playing the windows version or the browser version?

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windows version

 i think the all of the scenes will become like this

Is the rest of the game working fine?

Could you load a scene with this bug, close the game, and then zip this folder: C:/Users/USER_NAME/AppData/LocalLow/TeamDeadDeer/PriceForFreedom

And send it to

For anyone wondering, this may happen on older integrated GPU (old laptops), which aren't supported. We may put some work later to handle them, but no promises.


Still can't wait for this to be available on Android:)

Yeah we will surely do it given how many people are asking for it, but only once we have a solid desktop version.




Why do people down vote comments asking for Android ver? We just want Android version like c'mon .

yeah i mean I don't own a PC, can't afford it right now


at the beninning it was an epic game...sadly they ruin all and the game is not more worth....again...really sad end...nothing news since 4 or more update lots of bug and nothing new to see or to do...bah

Could you elaborate? The changelog is available here if you are confused on what is new:

If you mean there is nothing new in the public version, that's true but it was always meant to be a demo. So if you liked the public build you will also enjoy the full game.

I would also like to know the bugs you are experiencing, so we can fix them.


Just trying out this great looking game tonight for the first time and I am curious.  Does the content from the "full game" on Patreon eventually make it into the public release? I am not quite clear on the difference between the public and full game.  If you could clarify that I am certainly interested in supporting it if I like what I see in the public version.  Thanks!

Hey, unfortunately no, our goal is to publish the game on steam when it is done, so it will always have a paid part to it. The walkthrough shows which quest are public / patreon, but essentially the first act of the game is public (all the first quest / scene of the companions and brothel girls, as well as a bunch of others).

Ah OK great thank you.  I have no issue at all with that.  Every developer has every right to charge for their hard work. I was just looking for clarification.  I do hope that once you get it on Steam there will not be remaining content locked behind Patreon like some developers do. I think that is pretty scummy to their paid customers on Steam.  Good luck on your game and I look forward to trying the demo.

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Thank you, and yeah the full game will be on Steam (and itch for that matter).


damn i wanna play the full game so badly unfortunately i have mac

There is a mac build, it should work fine.

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nah dude, I meant it as you can’t play SHIT ON MAC because it will then proceed to just kill itself slowly. I’ve been reading the comic tho :). I’m honestly impressed by how much work y’all put into the world and lore to a HGame. I wish you all the best.

once the game is finished can you please add it to steam.

Of course, that's the plan.


It's remarkably well done, from gameplay to world to characters to scenes, thank you for this masterpiece in progress.

(Also, is the latest Iski scene patreon only?)

Thank you! And yes the new content is patreon only.

Where is the safe file located?

Cuz, I bought a new Laptop, and I already got so far in the game, and I don't wanna lose my progress. If anyone knows, please tell me.

It depends on your OS but the locations are listed in the FAQ.

I'm on Windows..

And which is the save exactly? I went to the save file location, but the only thing I see are the Jpg for the save's thumbnail..

The jpg are the save files.

Wait.. You can make Jpg images as save files?


So I'm in the whispering bandits dungeon, I looked at the walkthrough cause I can't find a key for the door before the sunken face. Ive checked the entire dungeon and I want to know if I'm blind or I should have gotten it before hand by looking in the town?

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Hey, the key is at the very south of the dungeon (you might have missed a good in the dark).

Check the walkthrough if you are lost.


This game has an interesting world and a equally wonderful story behind each of the characters and setting which I quite like. Most importantly, will this game ever plan to be on Steam? 


Indeed, we will be on Steam when it is finished (probably no early access there).

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